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Community Services Group

Tim Docking
Group Director
Dr Jonathan Richardson
Group Medical Director
Jackie Jollands
Group Nurse Director

Our Community Services are divided into two directorates:

• Community Locality Services and
• Access and Treatment Services

Directorate Managers for our Community Services Group are:
Ken Wild, Tel: 0191 245 6725
Gail Kay (Community Locality Services) Tel: 0191 566 5671
Tony Quinn (Access and Treatment) Tel: 0191 245 6837

Our Community Services provide a broad range of community based specialist mental health assessment, care, rehabilitation and treatment for adults, older people, and people with a learning disability across Northumberland, Tyne and Wear.

They include access and treatment, liaison services, community mental health teams, community learning disability teams, community older peoples teams, rehabilitation services, primary care, improving access to psychological therapies, (IAPT), Early Intervention in Psychosis, dementia services, assertive outreach and veterans services.

The individual will be helped within the shortest possible time to reach an optimum point of recovery or resilience to enable them to retain the greatest level of independence that they can achieve.

The services cover the six local Primary Care Trust areas which make up Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and we work in close partnership with primary care and local authorities in these areas.

Our services recognise that people with mental illness or a learning disability may
often experience long term and variable needs with fluctuating levels of ability and
disability. Our services will have inbuilt mechanisms to allow for rapid change in the
type and degree of care or intervention provided. This reinforces the importance of
personalised care involving biological, social and psychological interventions promoting self management and a sense of hope and optimism. Such care packages require a range of providers across agency boundaries and positive working relationships will be maintained.

We are constantly working to keep the Service Directory as up to date as we can. If you require an amendment, or spot a mistake, please email the following address: