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Service user and carer updates


This newsletter came about after feedback from our service user and carer groups, service user and carer governors and individuals. We were told that there was a general feeling that people felt they were missing out on important news about developments within the Trust

We have lots of communications channels in place for communicating with staff within the organisation, and some general ones for getting news out to the wider community, but there was definitely something missing when it came to sharing news with some of our service users and our carers.

We hope that this newsletter will help bridge that gap and we’ll need your feedback to make sure we’re putting in the content you want.

There is a fine line between sharing developments with you and just rolling up a month’s worth of news releases and repackaging them. We rely on you to tell us if we are getting it right. This is as much your newsletter as ours, so if you have news you’d like to share email us or call us and we’ll include it in a future update.

Best wishes,

John Lawlor

Chief Executive

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