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Smokefree NTW

From 9th March 2016, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust became completely smokefree. This means that all service users, staff and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere on our sites, including outdoor spaces within our sites.

Smoking: The Facts

Smoking is the biggest cause of premature death and preventable illness, killing over 79,000 people in England each year.

Currently in England around 19% of the population smoke, but amongst people with a mental health condition this figure is much greater ranging from 40-80%. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, two out of every five cigarettes are smoked by people with a mental health problem. People who suffer a mental health condition are more likely to smoke, more likely to be heavy smokers and are therefore more dependent on their cigarettes than smokers in the general population.

Smoking causes a number of serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, many cancers, stroke, and respiratory disease, amongst many others, and because of the high rates of smoking amongst our service users this makes them much more likely to die from one of these diseases. In fact, life expectancy among people with a mental health condition is around 15-20 years less than the general population.

As an NHS organisation, our Trust finds this unacceptable and we want our service users to have the same life expectancy as anyone else. This is why we are taking steps to address this health inequality, by going completely smokefree from 9th March 2016.

This will help us to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for our service users, staff and visitors. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) also recommend that all hospital sites, including mental health hospitals, should be smokefree.

Going Smokefree – Support for service users

We have produced a short animation which explains some of our reasons for going smokefree.  You can view it here.

Local Stop Smoking Services

Local Stop Smoking Services can support anyone who wishes to quit smoking. Contact your local service for details of how to access support:


For all other service details contact:
NHS Smokefree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044
NHS Smokefree Website -

Your feedback: Share your views

We would like to hear about your views and hear your feedback about the Trust becoming smokefree. So if you are a smoker or a non-smoker and would like to share your opinions please email 

Arrow Trust position statement on completely smokefree sites