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Board of Directors

Non-Executive Directors

Hugh Morgan-Williams
Appointed November 1, 2013
Non-Executive Director
Paul McEldon
Appointed April 1, 2008

Non-Executive Director
Martin Cocker
Appointed January 1, 2012
Non-Executive Director
Ruth Thompson
Appointed April 1, 2014
Non-Executive Director
Leslie Boobis
Appointed July 1, 2015
Acting Chair and Non-Executive Director
Alexis Cleveland
Appointed July 1, 2015
Non-Executive Director
Peter Studd
Appointed January 1, 2016
Non-Executive Director
Miriam Harte
Appointed January 1, 2017
Executive Directors

Chief Executive
John Lawlor
Appointed June 23, 2014
Finance Director and Deputy Chief Executive
James Duncan
Appointed April 1, 2006
Director of Nursing and Operations
Gary O'Hare
Appointed April 1, 2006
Director of Workforce and Organisational Development
Lisa Crichton-Jones
Appointed August 1, 2014
Executive Director of Commissioning and Quality Assurance
Lisa Quinn,
Appointed February 1, 2009
Executive Medical Director
Dr Rajesh Nadkarni
Appointed January 16, 2016
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