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How people in the North East can find 'Time To Talk' about mental health

How people in the North East can find 'Time To Talk' about mental health
Page last updated on Wednesday 1st February 2017, 3:35 pm

People across the North East are encouraged to take some ‘Time to Talk’ tomorrow as one of the region’s biggest NHS trusts throws its weight behind a nationwide mental health campaign.

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (NTW), one of the country’s largest mental health and disability trusts, is proud to support ‘Time to Talk Day’. It’s a scheme run by national organisation Time to Change which helps to break down stigma around mental health and make it easier to get support.

Tomorrow, February 2, people across the UK are asked to take some ‘Time to Talk’ about mental health.

We know that conversations really can change lives. By taking some time to ask how someone is feeling, really how they are feeling, you could be giving them the encouragement they need to open up and reach out for support.

The most recent data available shows that more than 21,000 adults across the North East were in contact with NTW mental health services in October alone. And about 9,000 people had contact with the trust’s Children and Young People’s Service. (Source: NHS Digital).

NTW’s deputy director, Caroline Wild, said: “People in the North East are famous for being some of the most chatty and friendly in the country. As an NHS trust, we support tens of thousands of people in the North East with their mental health every month.

 “Combine these two factors and it’s clear why Time to Talk Day is so important. By making it easier to talk about mental health, we can all play our part in supporting each other when we need it.

“We all have days when our mental health isn’t so good, just like we all get physically unwell sometimes. So we need to look out for each other and taking some ‘Time to Talk’ can be just the ticket.”

Talking about mental health doesn’t need to be difficult. Being open and ready to listen can truly make a positive difference to someone’s life. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves by opening up, and this can inspire others to share too.

In January last year, NTW signed the Time to Change Pledge, publically committing to ending stigma around mental health and to help keep our staff well themselves.

So this Thursday, if you can, take some time to have a conversation. Let’s use this day, along with people across the UK, not just to talk about mental health, but to listen too.

You can do this by:

  • Taking the time to really listen when you ask a friend or relative how they are
  • Maybe sharing your own experiences of mental health
  • Drop a friend a text to let them know you’re there for them
  • Stopping for a chat over a cuppa
  • Showing your support for people facing mental ill health
  • Learning more about mental health, what it is and how we can look after it
  • Using the Time to Talk Day conversation starter to help begin your mental health conversation

The more we share, the more people we can reach, and the more lives can change for the better. It may be called Time to Talk Day, but that also means it’s time to listen too.

You can find out more about Time to Talk Day and find ideas for how to mark it here.

You can also access NTW’s free self help guides to support your own mental health here.